minerva® solid acrylic worksurfaces

Welcome to minerva®: the home of practical and solid kitchen worksurface material, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.

Delivering a luxurious appearance, cool pleasing touch and robust performance from its solid 25mm thick material,minerva® has the advantage of being the same colour throughout. Such is the enduring quality of minerva® that we guarantee its quality against manufacturing defects for ten years.

There are 18 superb colours to choose from with a number of light options to suit darker kitchen door finishes.

minerva® Marble Wash*

minerva® Grey Storm*

minerva® Chalk Venato*

minerva® Blue Venato*

minerva® Calcutta White*

minerva® Travertine Haze*

minerva® Silver Haze*

minerva® Concrete Haze

minerva® Ice Crystal

minerva® White

minerva® Sparkling White

minerva® Ice Blue*

minerva® Grey Crystal

minerva® Carrara White

minerva® Copper Fleck

minerva® Caramel Crunch

minerva® Nimbus Grey

minerva® Peak Grey

*Each of these worksurfaces are unique, reflecting the natural appeal of marble and stone. Whilst minerva® sink modules are made from a solid piece of material, the recessed sections may have a slightly different pattern on some décors due to the spread of the coloured chips.

Routine cleaning

minerva® does not require any specialist cleaning, simply wipe off with a damp cloth and soapy water. The work surface should then be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry. Persistent marks can be removed by using a mild abrasive cleaner, but harsh scouring powders should be avoided. Unlike marble and granite, minerva® is non-porous, hygienic and will resist most household chemicals including alcohol.


minerva® will withstand heat better than many alternative surface materials with boiling water and cooking splashes not being an issue.

All hot pots, pans and other heat-generating devices should always be placed on a trivet or worktop protector rods.

Minor scratching

Kitchen utensils and unglazed crockery can sometimes cause scratches that will be more evident on darker colours.

Use of a cutting board is essential though minor scratches can easily be removed using the abrasive pad and other items from the care kit.

minerva® is supported by the FIRA Gold Award for product excellence and covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s product guarantee.